Laboratory bench to analyze of automatic control system with a fuzzy controller
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Dnipro University of Technology
National metallurgical academy of Ukraine
Railway Research Institute
Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
Submission date: 2020-03-14
Final revision date: 2020-05-12
Acceptance date: 2020-05-13
Online publication date: 2020-05-19
Publication date: 2020-05-19
Corresponding author
Valeriy Kuznetsov   

Railway Research Institute
Diagnostyka 2020;21(2):61-68
The paper represents laboratory bench to analyze a system of automated control with a fuzzy controller. The laboratory bench consists of a thermal object, and software and hardware complex involving logic controller VIPA System 200 V as well as HMI/SCADA system Zenon Supervisor 7.0. The thermal object is described with the help of the second-order differential equation using “current value within the power converter of electric heater-air temperature inside a thermal object” control channel. Control error, and derivative of the error, represented in the form of linguistic variables involving five triangular terms and two trapezoidal ones have been used as the input values of the fuzzy controller. Output value of the fuzzy controller is the electric power supplied to the electric heater and assuming seven specified values. Selection of the specific value of electric power depends upon knowledge base being a finite set of rules of fuzzy sets falling into line with the applied linguistic variables. To implement such a system of automated control with a fuzzy controller, original software has been developed making it possible to analyze a process of thermal object heating with the use of human-computer interface.
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