Aims and Scope

The journal is published as open access.
The full texts of the articles of the journal are freely available on the journal’s website.

All articles published under open access under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license

Diagnostyka – is a quarterly published by the Polish Association of Technical Diagnostics (PTDT). The journal “Diagnostyka” was established by the decision of the Presidium of Main Board of the Polish Association of Technical Diagnostics on August, 21st 2000 and replaced published since 1990 reference book of the PTDT named “Diagnosta”. In the years 2000-2003 there were issued annually two numbers of the journal, since 2004 “Diagnostyka” is issued as a quarterly. Individual issues of the journal are published in March, June, September and December, respectively.

Topics discussed in the journal:
- theory of the technical diagnostics;
- experimental diagnostic tests of technical objects and manufacturing processes;
- analytical, symptom and simulation models of technical objects;
- algorithms, methods and devices used for monitoring, diagnosing and predicting the technical condition of machines;
- methods for detection, localization and identification of damage;
- artificial intelligence in diagnostics: neural networks, fuzzy logic systems, genetic algorithms and expert systems;
- diagnostic issues in mechanical engineering and civil engineering;
- diagnostics of mechatronic and anthropotechnical systems;
- medical diagnostics using signal processing techniques;
- machine maintenance systems;
- structural health monitoring;
- signal analysis and processing;
- noise and vibration;
- economic aspects in technical diagnostics.
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