The diagnostic method of rolling bearing in planetary gearbox operating at variable load
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AGH University of Science and Technology, Department of Mechanics and Vibroacoustics
Submission date: 2019-05-18
Final revision date: 2019-07-05
Acceptance date: 2019-08-06
Online publication date: 2019-08-12
Publication date: 2019-08-12
Corresponding author
Pawel Pawlik   

AGH University of Science and Technology, Department of Mechanics and Vibroacoustics
Diagnostyka 2019;20(3):69-77
Diagnostics of machines operating at variable loads has been widely described in literature. The methods of analysing the vibroacoustic signals generated by such machines have been developed since the 1980s. They involve a synchronous sampling of signals which carry diagnostic information, where the sampling frequency depends on the machine rotational speed. Presently, there are many methods in the literature used for synchronization of signals with rotational speed based on signal decimation, subsampling or Gabor transform. However, these methods do not totally solve the problem of diagnosing the machines operating at various loads. The change of machine load also affects the amplitudes of diagnostic parameters. The paper attempts to develop a diagnostic method that is independent of the system load change. The method is based on parameterization of amplitudes of characteristic orders. Single-number statistical parameters have been proposed for diagnostics of rolling bearings operating at variable loads. Tests have been conducted on a laboratory rig where the tested object was a rolling bearing on an output shaft of a planetary gearbox. The bearing was damaged by removing the grease which is a frequent type of damage in industry and can lead to a quick bearing seizure.
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