Structural diagram of the built-in diagnostic system for electric drives of vehicles
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State University of Infrastructure and Technologies Department of Electromechanics and Rolling Stock of Railways
Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University Department of Electrical Engineering
State University of Infrastructure and Technologies Faculty of Management and Technology
Submission date: 2022-10-06
Final revision date: 2022-11-03
Acceptance date: 2022-11-08
Online publication date: 2022-11-09
Publication date: 2022-11-09
Corresponding author
Oleg Gubarevych   

State University of Infrastructure and Technologies Department of Electromechanics and Rolling Stock of Railways
Diagnostyka 2022;23(4):2022406
Currently, in transport systems, as part of the main and auxiliary equipment, a large number of induction motors with a squirrel-cage rotor of different capacities are used. Their wide application in the transport industry is associated with the main advantages over other types of machines – a fairly high reliability, low cost and ease of maintenance. However, during the operation of these motors, a number of malfunctions can occur that affect the deterioration of the performance of the entire drive, the accuracy of its functions, or accelerate an emergency stop. To ensure proper control of the technical condition of electric motors, modern diagnostic systems are required that operate in real time and operational loading mode with the transmission of data on the instantaneous state of the main control elements. The paper proposes a block diagram of the diagnostic built-in system and developed a modular unit for it to set the type and degree of the most complex damage – inter-turn short circuit in the stator winding.
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