Meeting reliability requirements for rotor ice protection system design
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Publication date: 2017-12-20
Corresponding author
Paweł Golec   

PZL Mielec Sp. z o.o., ul. Wojska Polskiego 3, 39-300 Mielec
Diagnostyka 2014;15(1):31-35
Increasing cost of rotorcraft maintenance forces transport companies to utilize their rotorcraft fleet to the fullest. This means that the most successful rotorcraft production company is the one that can provide rotorcraft that can operate in wider range of weather conditions than competition. Air transport authorities define requirements for both rotorcraft performance during flight in icing conditions and reliability of ice accretion protection systems. At the same time production company management requires that production, and development costs are as low as possible. This paper will focus on problems of meeting requirements of rotorcraft ice protection systems reliability using various types of reliability analyses that will help keep the system as simple and inexpensive as possible and are required in certification process of ice protection system.
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