Fault diagnostics of transformer winding in time and frequency domain
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University of Zilina
Submission date: 2020-04-20
Final revision date: 2020-07-09
Acceptance date: 2020-07-13
Online publication date: 2020-07-14
Publication date: 2020-09-02
Corresponding author
Miroslav Gutten   

University of Zilina
Diagnostyka 2020;21(3):49-54
The paper presents basic overview of measuring methods and fault diagnostics on the power transformers and illustrating measurement on transformer winding using with methods of impact test and frequency response analysis (SFRA). Impact test and SFRA method are often used for analyzing of the insulation between coil threads or themselves of windings and for detection of the attenuated winding sections of transformers. There methods enable detecting early condition of the winding faults. In the paper is presented experimental measurement on distribution three-phase transformer 22/0.4 kV without operation by time and frequency domain by impact test and SFRA method. It was used comparison of measured curve for all phases using with mathematical statistical methods. It was found fault coil into primary winding of coil phase A.
This work was supported by the Grant Agency VEGA from the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic under contract 1/0471/20.
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