Diagnostics of stabilization modes of shape strand ropes
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National University "Odessa Polytechnic"
Odessa National Maritime University
Submission date: 2022-03-23
Final revision date: 2022-10-28
Acceptance date: 2022-11-08
Online publication date: 2022-11-09
Publication date: 2022-11-09
Corresponding author
Varvara Piterska   

Odessa National Maritime University
Diagnostyka 2022;23(4):2022409
The work is devoted to the diagnostic issues of the possibilities of technological balancing of steel shaped strand ropes of lifting and transport equipment, which is of great scientific and practical importance, since it will improve their performance. A literature review showed that this topic is practically not covered and only the issues of straightening (bending) strands, which are not effective enough, are considered. The research objective and the problem that must be solved to obtain ropes with better quality characteristics (greater durability and strength) have been formulated. A more accurate expression for the technological torque of shaped strands is presented. The ways of reducing the torque as a harmful factor are indicated. Diagnostics of possible options for technological balancing of ropes was carried out. Rational modes of manufacturing shaped strand ropes have been determined.
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