The lifetime forecasting of machine elements by fatigue strength criterion
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Odessa Polytechnic State University
Odessa National Maritime University
Academy of Construction and Architecture, “V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University”
Submission date: 2021-08-26
Final revision date: 2021-09-30
Acceptance date: 2021-11-14
Online publication date: 2021-11-20
Publication date: 2021-11-20
Corresponding author
Yuriy Khomyak   

Odessa Polytechnic State University
Diagnostyka 2021;22(4):39-49
The method for assessing the lifetime of structural elements by the criterion of fatigue strength is improved. It includes tests of laboratory material samples, the positions of the statistical theory of similarity of fatigue failure, calculation of the stress state by the finite elements method. A way for calculating the equivalence coefficient by the cycles μm is proposed, which takes into account the characteristics of fatigue strength and the cyclogram of the loading of the machine elements. Mathematical descriptions of integral distribution functions for typical loading modes (heavy, medium equiprobable, medium normal, light and especially light) are given and on their basis the corresponding loading cyclograms are obtained. The technique is implemented on the example of one of the main parts of an axial piston hydraulic machine (APHM) – a cylinder block (CB) made of tin bronze CuSn12. The possibilities of increasing the working pressure in the APHM by constructive and technological methods are analyzed. It is shown that in the manufacture of CВ from high-strength antifriction brass Zn28Mn3Co2, it is possible to increase the operating pressure in the APHM to 40 MPa, which for heavy duty operation will provide a CВ lifetime more than nine thousand hours.
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