The dynamic response of a continuous plate for different surface states
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LMS, Guelma and Kasdi Merbah University
Lms , Guelma university
Submission date: 2017-06-30
Final revision date: 2017-10-16
Acceptance date: 2017-11-03
Publication date: 2017-11-08
Corresponding author
Moussa Guebailia   

LMS, Guelma and Kasdi Merbah University, Kasdi Merbah University Ouargla, Algeria, LMS, Guelma university, 30000 Ouargla, Algeria
Diagnostyka 2017;18(4):11-17
Several dynamic effects can be generated and simply observed by the passage of an external mobile exciter forces with different speeds on the surface of an orthotropic continuous plate. In the present paper one illustrates the dynamic behaviour of a thin, orthotropic, multi-span plate, subjected to the passage of moving exciters. In this model, the roughness of the surface of the plate is considered as the contact surface between mobile exciter and the plate. The modal and Newmark integration methods are used in order to solve the coupled plate–exciter equations of motion. One presents especially results which show clearly the influence of the surface states on the dynamic behaviour of the plate and also the generated interaction forces due to the surface roughness. In this paper one presents also the influence of the mobile exciter speeds on the plate dynamic response.
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