Self-adaptive fault-tolerant control strategy of shunt active power filter based on multicellular converter
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Kasdi Merbah University, Algeria
Submission date: 2023-08-05
Final revision date: 2023-10-25
Acceptance date: 2023-11-08
Online publication date: 2023-11-28
Publication date: 2023-11-28
Corresponding author
Boubakeur Rouabah   

Kasdi Merbah University, Algeria
Diagnostyka 2023;24(4):2023411
The use of multicellular topology in power quality enhancement can reduce the power loss and also dv/dt of power switches, minimize the electromagnetic interference. However, the failure of flying capacitors can reduce the active filtering efficiency and affect the power quality by injecting currents with wave-form distortion (harmonics, notching, noises etc.) in power distribution grid. Therefore, this study presents a fault-tolerant control strategy (FTC) allowing to keep the normal operation conditions of a multicellular converter even under failure mode. The obtained results show that the proposed FTC strategy enhances the power quality of power distribution grid when a fault in flying capacitors occurs.
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