Optimization of induced voltage on a buried pipeline from HV power lines using grasshopper algorithm (GOA)
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University of Amar Telidji LAGHOUAT
Submission date: 2021-01-03
Final revision date: 2021-03-24
Acceptance date: 2021-06-09
Online publication date: 2021-06-11
Publication date: 2021-06-11
Corresponding author
Sid Ahmed Bessedik   

University of Amar Telidji LAGHOUAT
Diagnostyka 2021;22(2):105-115
The buried metallic pipeline which parallels the HV power line is subject to induced voltages from the AC currents flowing in the conductors, these voltages can affect the operating personnel, pipeline associated equipment, and the pipeline integrity. This paper analyses the induced voltage and current on the buried pipeline running parallel to HV power lines. It also presents an optimization procedure of different parameters that affect the level of the induced voltage in the pipeline during normal operating conditions. A comparison study between the proposed optimization algorithms (GOA, GE, DE, and PSO) is done with a maximization of a given objective function. The simulation results establish that the GOA algorithm provides faster convergence and better solutions than the other optimization algorithms. Thus, the statistical analysis according to Friedman’s rank test confirmed the superiority of this proposed algorithm. Furthermore, the results show that the parameters optimization of the metallic pipeline is an effective approach to provide the best performance for mitigation which is generally sufficient to reduce the induced voltage experienced by the buried metallic pipeline to enforce the safety limit.
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