Difference spectrum as a measure of the state of wear of the exhaust valve
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Instytut Podstaw Budowy Maszyn Politechnika Warszawska
Dorota Górnicka   

Instytut Podstaw Budowy Maszyn Politechnika Warszawska, ul. Narbutta 84, 02-524 Warszawa, Polska
Submission date: 2016-10-24
Final revision date: 2016-10-28
Acceptance date: 2016-10-28
Publication date: 2016-11-21
Diagnostyka 2016;17(4):59–64
The article presents an algorithm of diagnosing damages to the exhaust valve of the combustion engine. The process of obtaining a symptom as a difference spectrum takes into account time selection, which allows to reduce significantly the calculations necessary to obtain a measure of malfunction. As a result, we obtain a simple measure not requiring special conditions of object work and insensitive to simultaneously occurring valve clearance which is inappropriately set. Thus, we obtain a measure easy to use in diagnostics in real time.