Advanced gas turbines health monitoring systems
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Solar Turbines Europe S.A.
Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdańsk
Submission date: 2018-01-09
Final revision date: 2018-03-24
Acceptance date: 2018-04-04
Online publication date: 2018-04-09
Publication date: 2018-06-11
Corresponding author
Grzegorz Zywica   

Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdańsk, Fiszera 14, 80-231 Gdańsk, Polska
Diagnostyka 2018;19(2):77-87
An overview of science papers in the field of machine diagnosis has exposed increasing efforts in developing accurate and reliable engine health monitoring systems. Attempts have been made in both diagnostics and prediction of system faults. Essential limitations of the standard monitoring system are discussed in this paper as well as arguments for implementation of the Advanced Gas Turbine Health Monitoring Systems. Examples of implementation are discussed and a comparison between “Enhanced Arrangement” and “Standard Arrangements” is carried out. The individual system components are implemented today using very different methods. Performance degradation of gas turbines is described here with an approach of Condition Based Maintenance and it was shown how the classification method can help to improve equipment operation. The review of signal processing methods was carried out to present strengths and shortcomings of individual methods.
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